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9 Ways To Use Pearl Powder

The Skin care function of Pearl Powder

Everyone knows that pearl powder is a good product for beauty. As long as it is used several times a week, it can gradually improve many skin problems and help skin whitening and acne. Here is a brief introduction to the efficacy of pearl powder and how to use it. Pearl beauty, women can take long-term, pregnant women can also add calcium, so that the baby’s skin is also white and tender. Oral administration regulates endocrine, creates a balanced environment in the body, rejuvenates the skin, clears the fire and removes acne, helps sleep and sleep, removes wrinkles and removes spots, and the uniform can make the skin fair and soft. External application naturally whitens, adjusts skin tone, nourishes skin, refreshing and soft.

How to Use Pearl Powder

Ingestion method:

Take the sublingual or swallow 0.3~0.6g (12 tweezers) of it with warm water before breakfast and before going to sleep.

Milk method:

Pour 0.3-0.6g (1-2 spoon) of it into the milk, adjust to drink and drink at breakfast and before going to sleep.

Honey method:

First stir the pearl powder and the appropriate amount of honey into a fine syrup, then add warm water and mix thoroughly before drinking. This method is suitable for those who do not adapt to the taste of seawater  powder. In addition, poor sleep can be adjusted into the right amount of milk to promote sleep.

Puff method:

Every morning, after applying cleansing, apply daily skin cream. Use a puff to take a proper amount of pearl powder and pour it on the face.

Whitening method:

Reconcile a small amount of it with a moisturizer or sunscreen each time. Apply a five-point method to face whitening and nutrition.

Remove Blackhead method:

It has the effect of removing blackheads. Apply hot towel to the blackhead for 5 to 8 minutes. After the pores are opened, mix 1g of pearl powder with water and apply it in a blackhead area until the pearl powder is dry. Wash off with water, then shrink pores with pores to shrink pores.

Acne removing method:

It can also remove acne, first clean the face, take a proper amount of it, apply it to the acne area until massage, then wash with water, then apply skin care products. Remember do not squeeze by hand, easy to leave acne marks

Cleaning method:

Add it during cleansing, mix thoroughly with facial cleanser, cleanse the face gently, massage gently on the face, then wash off the water. This method can double the cleaning. It contains amino acids. After cleansing, it can also moisturize. 

Mask method:

It is used as a mask together with egg and honey. It has the effect of firming the skin and astringing pores. Stir the right amount of it and an egg white, and add a teaspoon of honey to apply directly. After 20 minutes, use clear water to Wash it

Source from: Sangherb